What does Prufed do?

Starting August 7th, 2020, the Government of Ontario has implemented a law that mandates every bar and restaurant to collect the name and contact information of patrons entering their establishment. This information is to be kept for a period of 30 days. Prufed was created to make this process simple and seamless for both establishments and their patrons by providing an easy and secure way to capture, store, and retrieve the sensitive data.

How does Prufed work?

Each location receives a unique QR code that can be printed as necessary. Guests at the location scan the code and enter their contact information securely from their own device. The confirmation page can be used by the establishment to confirm guests have properly signed in.

What if guests don't have smartphones?

Any guest without a compatible device can have their information entered by the establishment.

What does Prufed cost?

$60 per location every 30 days. There's no commitment so you can cancel the service at any time as our current environment continues to evolve.

How do I retrieve data as required by officials?

Each location has an export button where data can be securely extracted for any guests who registered within the desired timeframe.

Can I review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Yes you can. Click for the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.